What is LaneHoney?

LaneHoney is the first transparent market for freight. We publish real-time prices that shippers pay and carriers earn for freight, as well as provide tools for carriers and shippers to transact directly without middlemen.

LaneHoney empowers carriers to earn more for their asset and gives shippers a reliable neutral benchmark for more competitive rates.

How does it work?

LaneHoney crowdsources real transacted prices from carriers and shippers. Carriers and shippers can search any lane (from one origin city or zip code to any destination city or zip code) to see today’s price paid for freight moves.

For carriers, we make it easy to find rate information on any lane so you can gut-check offers from your brokers, and quote shipments and compare offers from shippers.

For shippers, we make it easy to benchmark logistics service providers and receive quotes from rigorously screened, reliable carriers, as well as your preferred brokers. We provide a single screen of competitive prices and an automated way to request quotes and dispatch and track your shipments.

Where do you get your prices? And what is a mid-market rate?

We collect verified prices from national shippers and enterprise carriers.

The mid-market rate is the middle price in a collection of real transacted prices that shippers have paid for freight moves, not an average. That means some shippers paid more and some less on the same lane. The mid-market rate is a good indicator of fair market for freight moves on a lane.

Carriers, keep in mind that shippers are used to logistics providers quoting an all-in rate that represents the total cost of transportation, including brokerage fees, lumper and other accessorial fees. The LaneHoney mid-market rate is an all-in rate.

How do I join?

We keep sign-up simple with just a few details: name, phone, and email.

For shippers, we ask for your company name and professional email address.

For carriers, we require your USDOT to get started.

Carrier FAQs

How do I qualify?

No qualification is needed to access market data. For transactions, LaneHoney offers instant carrier qualification with a USDOT number and a few more details to verify your identity.

What about a carrier packet?

LaneHoney digitizes the entire carrier packet and makes it portable, freeing you from paperwork.

We provide an electronic version of your real-time FMCSA standing, replacing your paper authority.

We ask you to provide a legal representation of your insurance amounts that are then checked against insurer-provided data.

We have a digitized and portable W-9 that updates automatically for each new party you transact with.

Does your service cost anything? And who pays?

LaneHoney is free to carriers. Market data is free to small shippers and carriers.

LaneHoney welcomes enterprises to test out our product. We offer enterprise tools for large buyers of truck capacity to optimize their real-time opportunity in the spot market.

How much do I get paid for freight moves, how and how soon?

We facilitate shippers’ payments, paying carriers next day ACH after your POD has been received and verified.

How much does it cost to get paid next day?

At present, next day ACH payments are free of charge to carriers.

What if I own my truck but have leased on to a motor carrier company?

We welcome leased carriers to sign up to LaneHoney and participate in the market. If you are responsible for finding your own loads, we encourage you to know price and forward shipment links to your dispatcher.

My account says “We’re Verifying Your Account.” What does that mean?

A LaneHoney representative is always available via live chat to help you successfully complete the process. Let’s sort you out.

Are you tracking carriers?

No. Carriers don’t like it and we respect their privacy. We do ask carriers to enable location tracking when they update their status at key points in the shipment process. We also offer carriers the ability to tell us about future availability for more targeted shipment opportunity.

I care about privacy. Do you display my company name to carriers or shippers?

No. All customer information is kept confidential prior to any transaction confirmation. No shipper names, carrier names or any other identifiers are ever displayed, keeping transactors confidential until a deal is sealed, protecting your competitive advantage as you compare opportunities for shipments or carriers in our spot market.

Shipper FAQs

How do you insure the quality of carriers on LaneHoney?

Carriers go through a rigorous screening process against FMCSA and insurance records, as well as a live TIN check. Carrier references and real-time performance marks are displayed in the anonymous carrier profile prior so that you have a thorough picture of any carrier prior to tendering a shipment. All credentials are refreshed in real-time at dispatch, making sure you have a safe, insured carrier.

Do I select my own carriers?

Yes, shippers select their own carrier on LaneHoney.

How are my shipments insured?

LaneHoney provides a full set of credentials, including safety profile and insurance certificates for all carriers as well as a $5 million umbrella contingency liability insurance policy for all direct shipments intermediated on our platform.  Primary insurance for every carrier is checked in real-time at the time of dispatch.

I care about privacy. Do you display my company name to carriers or shippers?

No. All customer information is kept confidential prior to any transaction confirmation. No shipper names, carrier names or any other identifiers are ever displayed, keeping transactors confidential, protecting your competitive advantage as you compare opportunities in our spot market.

What does your service cost?

Market data is free. Shippers pay a flat transaction fee when a freight move is contracted and a truck is dispatched. Requesting quotes is free to shippers. We encourage shippers to use LaneHoney to benchmark your current providers.

Will I see an estimated cost and will the estimated cost I see change?

Shippers are shown an estimated cost of shipment at the time of booking, including expected accessorial charges for pre-approval. If additional fees are warranted, verified shipment location fees and GPS-verified time-stamped detention is calculated and charged. We teach our shippers how to avoid these fees.

What is the LaneHoney transaction fee to shippers?

LaneHoney charges a flat transaction fee that saves shippers 10-15 percent and more on shipment costs. The fee is calculated and disclosed at sign-up and shipment booking, and is only charged for shipments following the promotional period we offer to every shipper.

What are the payment terms for shippers?

We offer 30-day net terms to most shippers.

Can I get a quote?

On LaneHoney, shippers receive multiple all-in quotes from multiple carriers for easy comparison of spot market opportunities, including from your own white list of transportation providers.

What accessorial fees I can expect?

No fuel surcharges, that’s for sure. Like your broker, we show you an all-in price that includes verified  accessorial fees.

Lumper fees:

A lumper is a 3rd party service provider at shipment locations who assists with loading and unloading of a truck. LaneHoney standardizes the lumper process with real time estimates, pre-approvals and electronic payments, insuring your shipment is smooth and efficient.

Detention / Paid Wait Time:

LaneHoney charges verified detention of $50 per hour when a carrier arrives on time, checks in and is kept waiting beyond 2 hours on either side of a shipment. Detention is $75 per hour in 5 port cities. No detention is paid when a carrier is late. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

Who creates the bill of lading?

LaneHoney produces the BOL on a shipper’s behalf. Shippers provide the key details for each shipment,  we confirm them and shippers approve the final BOL documentation that goes to shipping and receiving parties.

Who creates the work order?

LaneHoney creates the work order on behalf of the shipper. We provide the work order to the carrier and to each shipment location.

Who creates the invoice to the shipper?

LaneHoney creates the invoice on behalf of the carrier. All charges on the watermarked invoice have been verified.

Is LaneHoney safe?

There is nothing safer than having real time, transparent price and performance activity at your fingertips. Because we don’t build a spread fee between shipper and carrier, you know you get the best carrier on LaneHoney, at the best price.

What happens when something goes wrong?

The LaneHoney platform standardizes the shipment process for you so that you are focused only on the exceptions that need your direct attention. You can expect an exception rate of 2%.

When a 2% event happens, we help you with it. In the event of a maintenance issue or an accident, the first thing we do is make sure your shipment is safe. We dispatch another truck if that is called for. And if a claims process is necessary, we assist shippers with filing claims with a motor carrier’s insurer.

Whom do I contact with questions?

We are available via live chat at any time from any location in the LaneHoney app.

I’m a broker. Can I use your service?

Brokers are welcome to use our market data but we do not support brokers in our marketplace at the moment. We may open up the service to brokers at a later date.